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Transitional Version of Faith & Practice” of North Pacific Yearly Meeting

You can download the Transitional Version of Faith and Practice in PDF format from this page.  The text of the 1993 Faith and Practice appears in chapters that have not yet been revised. The book also includes a section about history and includes quotes from individuals about their Quaker faith.

“State of the Meeting” report – April 2011-April 2012

This Quarterly Meeting we are exploring our relationships – with ourselves, with the natural world, with the Divine, with our Meeting… In that vein, we looked at our Meeting’s relationships during the last year.

What is the state of our Meeting in relationship to the natural world?

  • Our new Meeting House is by a large park. We have deer on our lawn during Meeting for Worship.
  • Several Friends walk or bicycle to Meeting events. Some Friends carpool.
  • We hope to expand group transportation to Meeting, if we can find enough qualified drivers.

What is the state of our Meeting in relationship to money?

  • We moved into our new Meeting House in July and are getting comfortable with the space. We experienced a needed period of rest and recovery after our move.
  • We have a broad financial base; we are not dependent on just a few members for our financial support.
  • We are challenged to meet the financial obligations of operating two Meetinghouses, because our old building in Tumwater has been difficult to sell or rent.

What is the state of our Meeting in relationship to our community?

  • Deric Young and Charlotte Claybrooke were married under the care of our Meeting in April 2011.
  • We have 60 people at Meeting regularly.
  • We had 35 people at a ski week-end at White Pass.
  • We have some strong core committees and some committees that struggled this year. Peace and Social Action, especially, has lost energy and members after our difficult discussions around sponsorships.
  • We have been challenged with the personal and emotional stress of maintaining two buildings, and processing our uncertainty about the future of the Tumwater building.
  • We held two caring circles on upkeep issues and the issue of how Meeting decides to sign on as a sponsor for community events.
  • We are learning to trust that everyone is coming from a place of sincerity.
  • We held each other in the Light as we explored hurt feelings and miscommunication.
  • We have had challenges finding a co-clerk for 2012-2013.
  • We expect to continue working on trust, community, and decision-making issues.

What is the state of our Meeting in relationship to the greater world?

  • We decided on a process for sponsorship that will work in most situations.
  • We support numerous organizations. We hosted the FCWPP lobby day.
  • We had a gathering of Central Friends at our new Meeting House.
  • We devote about 1% of our Meeting’s budget to the operation of a small Right Sharing of World Resources program.
  • Meeting members were instrumental in forming the international “Friendly Water for the World” nonprofit.
  • We hosted an informational and fundraising lunch for a group of Somalis going to their homeland to assist returning refugees.
  • We actively support Friendly Water for the World, and are excited because this organization allows us to work with members of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Evangelical Friends International.

What is the state of our Meeting in relationship to our children?

  • Our new building has two remodeled classrooms and lots of outside space.
  • Our children’s committee is active and thriving.
  • Family participation in Meeting appears to be increasing.

What is the state of our Meeting in relationship to the Divine?

  • This is central to all of our activities above!
  • We host several study groups – i.e. Gifts and Discoveries, Newcomers Group, and a Sojourners group.
  • We are blessed with a high quality of spoken ministry in our Meetings.
  • Our queries lead us to much sharing and contemplation.
  • We wrestled with how we seek the truth and our relationship to discernment as a group.
  • Do we allow alcohol in our building when we rent it?
  • How do we decide when to sponsor community events?


Care and Concerns committee attends to the physical, emotional, and spiritual support needs of members and attenders.  The committee convenes clearness committees for membership, marriage and other concerns.  A member of this committee serves as the Membership Records Clerk responsible for maintaining and preserving Membership records.

Children’s committee provides for the physical and spiritual nurture of the Meeting’s children including providing child care, first day school and the Junior Friends program. Also helps to organize functions such as camping and ski trips for meeting families.

Finance committee oversees the Meeting’s finances including the budget, fundraising and financial policies.  The treasurer and the meeting depositor are ex officio members.

The Hospitality committee ensures refreshments are available after the rise of Meeting and for other Meeting gatherings.

The Library committee maintains the Meeting library and orders new materials.

The Newsletter Working Group produces and distributes the Olympia Monthly Meeting newsletter and maintains the meeting mailing list and directory.
The Naming committee is convened by the clerk  to maintain and ensure the health of the nominating committee.

Nominating committee identifies the skills, leadings, and availability of members and attenders and matches them to officers, committees and workgroups needed to support the meeting.  In addition to proposing officers and committee assignments, the committee works to help committees function more effectively.

Outreach tends to the Meeting’s presence in the larger community.   The committee helps maintain the content of the Meeting website and oversees outreach events and materials.

Peace and Social Justice encourages and supports the Meeting and its mebers participating in various social justice and political causes that are in line with Quaker testimonies.

The Upkeep committee maintains and repairs the Meetinghouse facilities and grounds, organizes work parties, purchases supplies as needed, and is responsible for implementing capital projects. Purchaser for meeting is on this committee.

The Worship and Ministry committee nurtures and guides the spiritual and religious life of Olympia Monthly meeting, with a particular focus on first day worship and adult religious education.

The meeting may also establish Ad Hoc committees to deal with special circumstances or needs.   For example, committees were established for long range planning and to guide the search for a new meetinghouse.


The Meeting Clerks lead and oversees the Monthly Meeting for Worship for Business and is the initial point of contact for external correspondence to other meetings and organizations.

The Recording Clerk drafts and maintains the minutes of monthly meetings for Worship of Business and any other formal meeting correspondence.

The Treasurer  tracks and reports income and expenditures to ensure they conform to the Meeting budget.   The treasurer has the authority to write checks and oversees the bank and other financial accounts.  The treasurer is supported by the Meeting Depositor who ensures donations are deposited in a timely manner.

The Meeting Archivist maintains, organizes and preserves the official business records of the Monthly Meeting and its committees.

The Meeting House Scheduler manages the Meetinghouse calendar and schedule.  The Scheduler coordinates requests from members and attendees wishing to schedule a meeting function at the Priest Point Meeting House and coordinates with Meeting contracted booking agent who is the contact  for those in the community wishing to rent the for non-meeting events.

The Phone Contact is the initial point of contact for general public inquiries about Quakers and Olympia Monthly Meeting seeking to speak to someone in person.

The Yahoo Group Moderator manages the OlyFriends Listserv on Yahoo Groups.


North Pacific Yearly Meeting (NPYM) Coordinating Committee coordinates the summer gathering of Meetings from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting (PNQM) Coordinating Committee oversees the spring and fall gatherings of Quakers from Washington State and the January Silent Retreat.

OMM is a member of Friends General Conference (FGC).  FGC organizes an annual gathering of unprogrammed Quakers from across the United States.  FGC also provides outreach, education and coordination among  unprogrammed meetings in the United States.

Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy (FCWPP) represents Quaker testimonies in the Washington Legislature.

Interfaith Works is an ecumenical gathering of religious organizations in Thurston County.

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a Quaker-inspired relief organization.

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) represents Quaker testimonies at the Federal Level.

Friends World Committee on Consultation (FWCC) is a channel for communication among all Quakers around the world.

Friends Peace Teams carries the Quaker peace testimonies through projects and missions in conflict areas around the world

Western Friend is the journal of Western Friends.